who knew

I wish I knew who to credit

Fan art by someone who knows the game well. Nicely done! but I don’t know where it came from or who did such fine work


selfie to satchely on twitter

The Fourth Wall is well and truly  broken now.

And maybe never have so many people had such fun with a game that is so much more.

Now, if you love the game so much that you want more, then go get a mod. Dan   Salvato knew this would happen, surely, so set up IP guidelines for the modders.

sheyearned for
Another artist’s name is missing


by satchely

Who knows when the craze of fan fiction, modding, fan art, cosplay and twitter fun will end? It’s  now a worldwide phenomenon. Meanwhile, the mystery of Team Salvato’s next project draws much speculation.

Aurora’s DDLC meets SCP