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xae-chan has Doki Doki Literature Club 13 Jun @ 9:34am
I rarely shut down my linux computer at night, just Suspend, Then in the morning, it’s ready to go quickly. The Steam client, not so much. For over a month, I had Error on validating account. Occasionally, too, more than my fair share of Error -137, unknown error. How droll.

Four days ago, I got this:

I circumvented that by using the web link to our topic. And we made our 1200 comments goal (and I forgot to thank Monika). So what? Well , earlier in the year we had 1111 comments one night. And the next morning, the count was 920. Eh? The glib explanation was, when someone is banned, their comments are removed. That’s SOP, I believe. What is not is moderator overkill.

What actually happend was, any of our comments that had quoted the banned one were also trashed. How do I know this? First, I had been transcribing our topic and it was up to date. Matching Steam 920 to ours was not that difficult and the various gaps were evident.

Based on other topics I’d read the day before, I had two suspects and was quickly able to eliminate one. Tracking the other to another topic revealed subject’s quoted name in other comments still existing but with an orange banned note. It was an interesting exercise …

xae-chan has Doki Doki Literature Club 15 Jun @ 5:41am
DDLC has inspired me to write again, really. Commenting is OK and workking on the website is fun, I can RPG any Doki. I started like a documentarian, just presented aspects ofthe game, and adding the transcripts, realized it was OK but kinda dull. Once I let my mind roam, it got a lot better.

And I had an ‘idea’… I don’t know where it will lead, but I feel like I have learned a whole new way of developing characters, the DS way.

Mining the rpy scripts is an education in itself.

Dearlaice Gortaigh has Doki Doki Literature Club 15 Jun @ 6:07am
I’m glad that this game has meant so much to you :steamhappy:

xae-chan has Doki Doki Literature Club 15 Jun @ 6:41am
Like my tagline says: the game was just the start … and where will it all end?

xae-chan has Doki Doki Literature Club 15 Jun @ 10:13am

That was a quick webpage.

xae-chan has Doki Doki Literature Club 16 Jun @ 11:12am
Sayori After Story

xae-chan has Doki Doki Literature Club 19 Jun @ 1:24pm
5 –

fan art?!
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xae-chan has Doki Doki Literature Club 19 Jun @ 1:25pm
5 ok –
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xae-chan has Doki Doki Literature Club 19 Jun @ 1:26pm
4 – This game is honestly overrated
Wow, still salty about this, huh?

OP redacts original post … was it something he said?
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xae-chan has Doki Doki Literature Club 19 Jun @ 1:26pm
3 –

I went there today and bought the large Monika’s Poster. I don’t know how long they’ve had int’l FedEx but it’s cheap.
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xae-chan has Doki Doki Literature Club 19 Jun @ 1:26pm
2 – oh, and the keychain set on sale
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xae-chan has Doki Doki Literature Club 19 Jun @ 1:27pm
1 – this was true comment 1300 (as true as anything gets with Steam).
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#1212 = 1300 yay team

batlobster117 has Doki Doki Literature Club 25 Jun @ 5:08pm
I honestly dont know here to begin, hell most liekly no one will see this review but here we go, when I first layed my eyes on this game I thought “wow another one of these anime novel things, why would I even dare set my eyes on this weeaboo trash?!” but as I clicked on my steam libary, my curiosity got the better of me and forced me to type every word in that name in the search bar of the store page after I located it I immeadately downloaded, feeling a little regret in my decission, in my mind I was going against’s my morals as I dont not want to envolve my self in to anything anime or “cringe” worthy, but I drowned my judgement and went head on after the download was complete I was a little hesitant becuase in the corner of my eye I saw one of the steam tags,Psychological horror, it was a little confusing at first but I pressed forward, I luanched the game and the warning and caution should of hit me in the face right then and there, but I thought it was a joke or something stupid, after the clicked “Ok” the main menu made me feel like I was in full weeaboo city, but for some odd reason I felt… wlecome, I felt like this was a cheery Visual Novel that I was glad to set my hands upon,I clicked new game set up my characters name, and there she was, sayouri, I never met anyone so cheerful and posative in my entire life, and she really felt like a friend, in a way, it was honestly aborable and I would never forget her very well detailed exprressions, after my virtual class session, she comes up to me to pester me about join a club and I knew where this was going, I am going to join a club full of cute and attractive anime girls that my character will nose bleed for, and I felt very unfomfortable, fast forward to the poem making I felt like being posative so I made a “sayouri poem” becuase I felt closer to her than all the others, I really wondered why monika wasnt there but again drowning my judgement I pressed forward, and the next day was ok I guess I showed my poem to all the anime club members, yuri being very smart but shy and giving me advice, natsuki, acting uncomfortable mean and all out rude, and sayouri who of course all out jokes around and tells me my poems are great even though I bet thier terrible! Monika was honestly surprising, and even freaked me out a little, she completely broke the third wall by reminding me to save my game, I stupidly over looked this again and kept marching on, I kept trying harder and harder to get as close to my fav character as much as possible I honestly chuckled as sayouri need help with er bow tie and talked about her breast’s in a very uncomfortable matter, but I realised that those specail interactive cutscenes are specail moments that you can have with the character you liked the most I guess, each cutscene made me even more attached to her even more and I felt like I was in my characters mind and body and experiencing everything he was with this girl, not to mention an anime girl? but my anit weeaboo morals were just getting run over by my emotional attatchment to this girl, the next cutscene made me chuckle as well but even made me feel something deep down in my heart and I liked her but not like getting some wierd obsession withe her again at least 15% of my morales were in tact at all times, after another specail moment with sayouri and the day ends the monika brought the whole team and told us about the festival, at first I was looking forward to getting a happy ending sooner than later but the game just kinda punched me in the face and told me I had to sit through every moment and I liked that, even though I could go back to older saves, doesent mean I could skip it, well I could there was an option, but I was getting into this wonderful well developed story, so I beat myself up to keep going and take it slow, it was wierd after I made another sayouri poem, becuase I honestly wanted to know what monika is like, it was only fair right? Yuri was…. interesting… but she really creeps me out, and the game did a good job at doing that, making me feel unsettle, natsuki told me that sayouri was sitting at her desk and it kinda made me worry, I was my most beloved character acting sad even though shes the most posative and motivated character in the entire game? I had monika talk to her and after being confronted by sayouri she tells me she’s leaving early I was a little confused and getting even more worried about her well being, but I put my head forward, cracked my fingers and kept clicking that right mouse button, monika once again gathers us all together for the festival once more, (there is a gap in my memory its been a good long week since I played the game, I cant remeber if the festival where you had to choose your work partner was after sayouri left ealry or on the same day so sorry if I mess up) she assigns certain roles to the four of us, natsuki does the baking monika helps with the poems i think along with sayouri? Yuri… well, yuri is kinda the odd one out, and felt like she was useless, but monika lifted her spirits nd assigned her to something miscellaneous, I am given three or four options, one is help yuri, natsuki,i think saouri and monika, i chose monika but yuri and natsuki argued and when i picked sayouri monika told me SHE would be helping sayouri, so I went with my third fav, natsuki, if it baking cupcakes with a short mean, and cute anime character doesent get cringier than that then i dont know what else does, but my anti weeabo morals are very low so i just wnet with the flow and went along with a posative attitude. The next day my character awakes, i think i enter sayouri’s house to see whats the matter, thankfully to my surprise my fav character is fine and dandy but admits her recent behavior, which honestly struck me, really really hard, because im myself am suffering from a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ case of cripling depression, and cover it up witha fake face that lies to people about how I am TRULY feeling deep down, I felt… connected to her and I just wanted to giver her a big ole virtual hug, which I did, after that emotional moment, natsuki comes over we make a mess int he kitchen, and thats were something wierd happens, they were like play fighting? and after a successful victory m character just compley broke the comfort zone by liking the frost of natsuki’s finger and imaging the voice of my character, it souds sexual to be honest, and what she said made me even more uncomfortable, after that we stuble outside, another wierd moment happens between me and her but thankfull sayouri showed up, and that were another emtional attack struck me really hard, she told me how scared and alone and sad she was but this time it was all out there and it made me shed a tear, she admited her feelings and again i felt that wierd feeling in my stomach and i told her i loved her and the cutscene of huging is so… happy…, and ill never forget it… the next day was… quiet, my character enters his now soon to be ,overs house and he describes how un pleasent the silence is, and i feel it to, its so worrying, my heart started racing, one scene after another, and after the black screen un folded its ssecret my heart shattered… there was sayouri, in the tightning grasp of a hangsmans noose, i was so upset and surprised i was even crying just a little, to the point my levels of sadness rose to unsettling hights where i stared into my computer screen with an awwing expression, with a few tears slowling falling to there demise on my desk… that girl, that little ball of sunshine, is… gone, she is gone, removed, no known trace, i searched the game fils and all charcters were there but her, i was completely demoralised, dumbstruck, i didnt know how to continue… i went through the rest of the game to be horrified of sayouri’s model all messed up and glitched and deconstruced, i did finnish the rest of the game if you would like to hear the rest please say so…

orian34 has Doki Doki Literature Club 25 Jun @ 5:41pm
Originally posted by batlobster117:
I honestly dont know here to begin, hell most liekly no one will see this review but here we go
Thanks for sharing! That’s when you experience it that you can realize that being a weeb has more depth than just ‘liking 2D girls.’

xae-chan has Doki Doki Literature Club 25 Jun @ 6:20pm

I read it. And I want to know how you finished the game. Did it shake your ani weeabo attitude?

And how did you pick our topic in which to write? Not objecting, at all. Please continue.

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