The Third Eye

Kundalini Tantra – Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Ajna Chakra

is the point of confluence where the three main forces merge into one stream of consciousness and flow up to the crown centre.

Individual consciousness is mainly comprised of ego, and it is on account of ego that we are aware of dualities … as long as you remember yourself you cannot get out of yourself.

Although there are experiences of trance in other chakras, there is no merger of the individual ego with the cosmic ego. When the three main forces unite in anja chakra, you lose yourself completely. Your awareness expands and becomes homogeneous. Then individual awareness falls flat and you completely transend the realm of duality. Thus anja chakra is a very important centre, which you must experience in order to bring about purification of the mind. Once the mind is purified the experience and awakening of the other chakras can proceed.

The word ajna comes from the Sanskrit root which means ‘to know, to obey or to follow’.

Ajna Chakra is the bridge which links the guru with his disciples. It represents the level at which it is possible for direct mind to mind communication to take place between two people. It is in this chakra that communication with the external guru, the teacher or preceptor takes place. And it is here that the direction of the inner guru are heard in the deepest state of meditation, when all the sense modalities are withdrawn and one enters the state of void,

This is a state of absolute nothingness, where the empirical experiences of name and form, subject and object, do not penetrate. In this completely static state, the light of the mind is extinguished; the consciousness ceases to function, and no ego awareness remains. This void state is the same as the death experience, and in order to traverse it the voice or command of the guru must be heard in ajna chakra.

This state has also been called ‘the eye of intuition’, and is the doorway through which the individual enters the astral and psychic dimension of consciousness. Perhaps the most common name for this chakra is ‘the third eye’, and the mystical traditions of every age and culture make abundant references to it.

In most people this inner eye remains closed, and though they see the events of the outside world, knowledge and understanding cannot be gained. In this sense, we are blind to the real possibilities of the world, unable to view the deeper levels of human existence.

Illu_pituitary_pineal_glandsAnja chakra is located in the brain directly behind the eyebrow centre. It is at the very top of the spinal cord, at the medulla oblongata. Initially it is very hard to feel the exact location of ajna.

It should also be mentioned here that anja chakra and the pineal gland are one and the same thing.

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