The Poem Game

Final Puzzle? That was then, this is now.

Poem game

And we’re sharing our experience, discoveries, and frustrations with you. It’s an adventure, Sayori would approve. Gamers play games and the mc was out of his depth but was still willing to write poems to influence anyone he was interested in.

In a poem game, the mc would choose 20 words, one word from each of 20 pages. There was a little list, none of them would be missed.

The pool divided into threes, poor Monika had naught a chance.

What kind of dating sim leaves one character without any chance to participate in the contest? Something’s wrong here.

game screen

Each word picked will cause one girl sprite to jump. Once you have some idea of the personalities, you can pretty well guess that some words are better than others for the girl du jour.

Of course, some people will just marathon through without any regard for actually playing the game. Like this poor bloke:

I’m like 25 minutes into this game, on my second poem, and it’s dragging soooo slowwwwllly.

He never even noticed the first poem’s “Glitch effect” (during Natsuki-Yuri argument). But the original poster picked up a couple of ‘fellow travelers’ and continued to whine to each other for 102 comments, with a few rebuttals from drive-bys. All they proved is that they did not understand the game.

This is a game that has four endings.

There’s so much more that could be said but it would diminish the experience. It is best to go in cold, with no expectations and let the novel unfold in its own way. And remember the opening disclaimer.

Final Puzzle?

How it all began – 2