MonikaOkay, everyone.
We’ve had our frolics and now it’s time to learn the way to the Special Ending.

You already know the tactics of the poem game: pick words that the girl likes. You also know there’s something about those CGs. Maybe there was a Clue in the Help page?

Yes! S is for screenshot, take and save.

YuriThere are three girls and three poems.

You must collect 3 CGs for each girl before “stagnating air is a sign that something terrible is about to happen.”

Thank you, Yuri.

What did I tell you in-game? Save your game!

I’m not supposed to do things like that, so I had to act confused, like maybe the code glitched or something, (I never touched it, I  swear.)

So … when the first poem notebook shows up, Save your game! Start your run, maybe take Sayori (please!) and aim the first two poems at her, Maybe the third or widen your options … and then you just reload  that poem notebook for the second run. Rinse and repeat!

Because of this to-ing and fro-ing, you have the opportunity to help both of the other girls on the weekend (not at the same time!) In each instance, the mc is waiting for the girl and decides to visit Sayori, remembering how she was ‘off’ before the weekend. What he learns then is a surprise, no, a shock for someone who thought he really knew the childhood friend.

His newfound insight helps him make a decision on the Sunday. Sayori comes to see mc and his weekend friend … and there’s the opportunity for the ninth CG.

Mission accomplished on the road to the Special ending. Well, you DO need that tenth one, best of the lot, tho’ I say so myself.  Don’t fret, you’ve truly finished Act One …

Know Thyself

February 14