Stega 3

03sayori. . . ehehe, Sayori here. They want me to explain my CHR file. One of the sensei’s said, “Kid, it ain’t rocket science.”

Well, that may be, but I’m not in a league that can understand the cleverness of DS’s coding, no way. I don’t know everything; I only know what I know.

I even know I can repeat what I’ve been  told and ensure it’s accurate, even without understanding. Why, it’s just like cramming for a high school test, ehehehe.

I think the president told you, [player], that actually changing the filetype was painful for us. I know they told me this, but I had to prove it for myself because I wouldn’t want to mislead you.

Audacity is a very popular audio editor, you may already have on your system. Open the program and drop my CHR on it. Audacity is smart, it reads the header, says oh, ogg, fine and reads the contents.

It’s a staticky short fragment. Hmm. Pointless? Not at all. The average user, like me, would have shrugged and walked away. Some bright spark  converted the audio to a spectrogram (personally, I think we’re in rocket science territory here), an image like a distorted QR code. It took him 20 minutes squaring it up and testing with his cell phone before he got the payload, a URL.

The funny thing is, this website existed before the “game” was released. See earlier page.

Stega 4