Stega 2


Hey,  at least they found a nice CGI of me.

Well, gosh, I’m supposed to explain my CHR file. Everyone knows I like things simple and accessible – like my poems. But they gave me some notes … yeah, that … OK it’s a JFIF, image file, old format, dates back to 1991. Huh, older than me, and most of the images in the game are PNG. Maybe it’s a clue or something.

JFIF_headerHere’s the header of the JFIF:

Lucky you. Stupid Windows couldn’t see it, I had to convert to jpg.

natsukiAnd here’s the image it contained. Scary, huh? We’re just not finished yet.

I spoke to two players who solved the puzzle; I can’t imagine doing it  myself.

Both inverted the greyscale first. I think.

One sectioned the image and rearranged it while the other imposed a polar coordinate, in effect mapping it onto a hemisphere.

Anyway, there was some manipulation and the end result was this:


Interesting but strange. I discern no clue in the “game” as to the identity of this … person. Just another instance of content that doesn’t relate to the character.

Stega 3