08Snegovic has Doki Doki Literature Club 5 Apr @ 12:00am
I’m so sorry
I’m 27 years old, and I spent 3 years in the army, but that did not stop me from crying. I did not just cry, but sobbed sobs. I still cry.
This “game” does not require money. You pay a part of your soul.
The hardest thing for me was that I felt responsible for the girls. I felt responsible for what was happening to them. I blamed myself for having just started this game. I managed to find the strength to complete the game, but, without jokes, I’m not the same as before. The names of the girls are now carved on my heart. In my soul there is emptiness and self-hatred.
Please forgive me.
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JAMMITY ✪ FriskyNicks has Doki Doki Literature Club 5 Apr @ 2:12am
Physical pain hurts your body, emotional pain hurts your feelings. And this is every person’s weakness, his feelings, which are like fragile glass panels which can always break and shiver thorns upon your chest, glass shards which can’t be removed, only by time, as they’d vanish away, but still, tiny-little microscopical glass shards can still reside inside of you, and they can hurt the most when you least expect it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a well-trained military figure which has fought through several life-threatening missions or a simple man, your feelings are as fragile as theirs, no matter what.

But, if a game such as DDLC made you genuinely care about fictional characters to the point of sobbing/crying, that’s no matter, every man needs to emotionally free themselves from time-to-time, that’s what makes us humans.

Everyone feels the same responsibility for the girls, that’s why the community has grown this big, such as r/DDLC having 89.000 current subscribers at the moment and thousands of hundreds of ‘Lurkers’, and that’s why people create ”Mods”. To create themselves a reality in which they’d like to live, and I could say that it’s pretty successful. The simplest things in life can bring together thousands of people.

T1KoG has Doki Doki Literature Club 5 Apr @ 4:34am
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