I rarely shut down my linux computer at night, just Suspend, Then in the morning, it’s ready to go quickly. The Steam client, not so much. For over a month, I had Error on validating account. Occasionally, too, more than my fair share of Error -137, unknown error. How droll.

Four days ago, I got this screen.

I circumvented that by using the web link to our topic. And we made our 1200 comments goal (and I forgot to thank Monika). So what? Well , earlier in the year we had 1111 comments one night. And the next morning, the count was 920. Eh? The glib explanation was, when someone is banned, their comments are removed. That’s SOP, I believe. What is not is moderator overkill.

What actually happend was, any of our comments that had quoted the banned one were also trashed. How do I know this? First, I had been transcribing our topic and it was up to date. Matching Steam 920 to ours was not that difficult and the various gaps were evident.

Based on other topics I’d read the day before, I had two suspects and was quickly able to eliminate one. Tracking the other to another topic revealed subject’s quoted name in other comments still existing but with an orange banned note. It was an interesting exercise …


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