Quick Endings

the game was only the start

Yuri ch2 cuteIt‘s more than a tagline. Yes, we’ve covered the story arc from go to woe. Umberto Eco would tell you the best is yet to come.

We couldn’t just pass through without mentioning the Quick Endings, a curiosity.

The code was an addition of update 1.1.0 and, I’m not certain of this,  but it certainly suggests Monika and Sayori had an aversion to epiphany.

I told you people in Ghost 1 and Ghost 2  how I met [player] but there  was only a 1 in Nth chance of getting those two poems together in Act One.

So the little pink one never even had a look-in to sentience. Well, I’m guessing, but since we started going to the bookstore together, I’m warming a little to her personality. When she doesn’t feel threatened and goes all defensive, she’s really kind of cute, you know? (Don’t tell her I said that, I’d never hear the end of it.)

Sorry, I just zoned out a little, thinking of my knife collection. I just got a limited edition Winchester burl handled framelock pocket knife. It’s so pretty … I’m rambling a little, aren’t I?

OK.  Here’s how one weird ending works: start a new game, delete Monika’s CHR file. (Yay!) Start another new game, this time Sayori appears. Looks confused (what’s new there?) realizes she’s just in a game, panics, deletes game and CHR files including her own.

Now, [player] open the game again, see black END screen. Light ’em if you gotem. In  10 minutes  the hanged Sayori image you’ve been staring at adds a message, “Now everybody can be happy.”

I’ll drink to that. Anyone want some wine?

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Act Four-Special Ending