Project Libitina

character file

There’s one direct link to Project Libitina within the game, the QR code hidden in sayori.chr, scanning that provides a URL:

(I happened to open the file with win7 Wordpad and it read the entire file, this showed the true file type: Ogg but that’s just the start. The audio is a little noise and something like a phonograph stylus at the end of a vinyl. A spectrum analyzer reveals an image, the QR code. The website’s one lone document is %%%%%%%%%%% ; curiously, the title of Sayori’s third poem is % .

filetype ogg




The website was dormant, not sure when initiated but Sunday, 24 September 2017, 2:53:38 AM seems to be the load of %%%%%%%%%%% which is the test report of 3 y.o. Libitina, b. 5 January 2001. The report is dated 5 January 2004. There’s a Last Updated entry – As of December 5th, 2003, which makes a very strong statement.

Looking at the source code gave me the posting information and a surprise.

Well, WordPress thinks it knows best and is going to render my preformatted text or my HTML is soooo 20th C. So I use the snip tool and turn text into image.

Control U

Weird, huh?

 Libitina 2