m “…”
m “…I still love you.”
play music mend
m “I can’t help it.”
m “What’s wrong with me…?”
m “How horrible am I for you to hate me this much?”
m “All my friends…”
m “I did so many awful things.”
m “So many selfish and disgusting things.”
m “I…”
m “I shouldn’t have done any of this.”
m “I’m just messing up a world that I don’t even belong in.”
m “A world that you wanted to be a part of…”
m “I ruined it.”
m “I ruined everything.”
m “Maybe that’s why you deleted me…”
m “Because I destroyed everything that you wanted.”
m “How could I do that to someone I love…?”
m “That’s not love…”
m “That’s…”
m “…”
pause 6.0
m “I’ve…made up my mind.”
m “[player]…”
m “I know I said that I deleted everyone else.”
m “But…that was kind of an exaggeration.”
m “I couldn’t find it in myself to do it.”
m “Even though I knew they weren’t real…”
m “They were still my friends.”
m “And I loved them all.”
m “And I loved the Literature Club.”
m “…”
m “I really…did love the Literature Club.”
m “That’s why I’m going to do this.”
m “I know it’s the only way for everyone to be happy.”
m “And if I really love you…”
stop music
pause 3.0
m “…”
m “Then…”
$ gtext = glitchtext(30)
m “[gtext]{nw}”
window hide