monika_scare - Copy

m “What’s happening…?”
m “[player], what’s happening to me?”
m “It hurts–{nw}”
play sound “sfx/s_kill_glitch1.ogg”
show room_glitch zorder 2:
stop sound
m “It hurts…so much.”
m “Help me, [player].”
play sound “sfx/interference.ogg”
pause 1.5
m “Please hurry and help me.”
call updateconsole (“renpy.file(\”characters/monika.chr\”)”, “monika.chr does not exist.”)
m “HELP ME!!!”

hide glitch_color onlayer front
m “Did you do this to me, [player]?”
m “DID YOU?”


scene black
pause 4.0
hide noise onlayer front

m “…How could you?”
m “How could you do this to me?”
m “You were all I had left…”
m “I sacrificed everything for us to be together.”
m “Everything.”
m “I loved you so much, [player]…”
m “I trusted you.”
m “Do you just want to torture me?”
m “Watch me suffer?”
m “Were you only pretending to be kind, just to hurt me even more?”
pause 4.0
m “I never thought anyone could be as horrible as you are.”
m “You win, okay?”
m “You win.”
m “You killed everyone.”
m “I hope you’re happy.”
m “There’s nothing left now.”
m “You can stop playing.”
m “Go find some other people to torture.”
pause 4.0
m “[player]…”
m “You completely, truly make me sick.”
m “Goodbye.”