Ahaha, I just sprung it on them about the poetry performances at the festival. (0h! by the way …  pay no mind to my comments last time … I was just messing with you. Really.)

Anyway, I wanted to share some more of my poems with you. I know some people have difficulty reading script (glances aside significantly) but a poem is expressed best with pen and ink.

Monika's epiphany pt.2

Okay, everyone. Let it not be said that Monika ignores her followers on Twitter. (In case, you didn’t know, I’ve had an account since February 2016. I picked the username, too: it’s lilmoniX3. Beware imposters who are ignorant about case.)

I was reminded by my mentor that there is an active international community that appreciates DDLC. They come from all walks of life, different languages, different alphabets, different syllabaries!

For international harmony, I yield gracefully, and present printed text:

But he wasn’t looking at me.
Confused, I frantically glance at my surroundings.
But my burned eyes can no longer see color.
Are there others in this room? Are they talking?
Or are they simply poems on flat sheets of paper,
The sound of frantic scrawling playing tricks on my ears?
The room begins to crinkle.
Closing in on me.
The air I breathe dissipates before it reaches my lungs.
I panic. There must be a way out.
It’s right there. He’s right there.

Swallowing my fears, I brandish my pen.