Loose ends

Girls in chibi style
Tracking down the handwritten copies that the girls produced in the poem games is an obligation. Sometimes, it is catching one in-game and rarely will one screenshot get the whole thing. (And Skip and Auto are not always your friends when you miss the mark by this >< much and there’s no Back option.)

Other times, well, a text file and random clues from Discussion topics are what you work with. You chase a font name with Google.is.your.friend and find a repository. A random search there yields other search queries and voila! there is another font I recognize.  Of course, your overall knowledge of the storyline helps to sort out fuzzy details. Three of the girls have but a single font. Yuri has three …

Would you not think a fontname of  ‘as i lay dying’ is a hint?! LOL. Font y2.ttf from the game files was intended for “Wheel” as the second poem of Act Two. The three font progression would have shown Yuri’s mental deterioration.

And maybe that was true in the original release, I have no way of knowing. The font here and also for “Wheel” in 1.1.0 is JP Hand Slanted. I guess Damagrafik Script for Mdpnfbo,jrfp was more than enough.

Ghost p2

She was normal then, well, weird yeah, but comparatively speaking … and here’s Monika, still coming to terms with the epiphany …

Hole in Wall Part 2

Yes, comparatively speaking … and now, in honor of Sayori, for the first time

A Special Presentation

My meadow