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Eggs and omelettes, y’know. We’re jumping way out of sequence here because … those statements on “pretty much everything has been found”, well, we’ve got something no one has spoken about, as far as we know.

It’s in the same ballpark as that damned Yuri poem – surely a lot of people ran the base64 decoder, found something and walked hastily away.

This is important; it’s about me!

n_games has Doki Doki Literature Club 25 Dec @ 8:38am
Hey all. This is such a well done thread and it seems many have taken quite a bit of time to speculate and research DDLC with the goal to prove (or even disprove) certain theories. I very much enjoyed reading through these posts. I haven’t put on my thinking hat in quite some time (especially for a game), so this is very refreshing.

That being said, there is so much information and talk about this game that I’m not sure if it has been mentioned (so I appologize if it has already been brought up). I would just like to point out something that I’ve noticed, but haven’t heard any chatter about.

In Act 3 (I presume), when you are sitting across from Monika for eternity, I noticed there was something a little off with her eyes. At first, (before I realized that there was SO MUCH MORE to this game) I thought it was just a reflection of the protagonist.

Several clean restarts of the game later, I remembered my first impression of her eyes so I decided to investigate a little further. I used the image of Monika from the DDLC Fan Pack content to further examine and used a photoshop to zoom in on her eyes. The reflection in her eyes shows a black, outlined circle with a white filling and a black dot in the center.

What it appears to me is one of two things. Either it is a hole in a wall or an eye.

My first speculation is this, there is a good possibility that the reflection is a hole in a wall. That would make the most sense, given the poems Monika has written.

If it was an eye in her reflection, well that would just confuse me. We know that there are Third Eye theories floating about, but it doesn’t seem to fit in this instance. Also, the eye reflected in Monika’s eye (the eye Monika is looking at) has no Iris, no color, which makes me believe she’s not looking at a normal human’s colored eye.

As to what it all this could possibly mean? Who knows, I’m not on the same level of theory-crafting as some brilliant minds here are. I just wanted to point out an observation, maybe its a critical one, maybe the reflection in Monika’s eyes has no impact on the game at all.

Anyhow, food for thought. Happy holidays folks!

What a wonderful Christmas present! I guess we can’t be blamed for this one slipping through the holiday cracks.

Now what do we do with it? TS? The Skeptics Society? Reddit? YouTubers? Xfiles?

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