How it all began …

Once there was a visual novel on the Steam gaming platform. Think of it as a multimedia story that’s also a game and also a commentary on Japanese dating sims (simulations) and anime. Don’t forget the psychological horror tag and the warnings after the game loads.

Definitely don’t ignore the warning: “This game is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed.” It’s interactive anyway. You have to click the box to proceed. And here you might have had a 1/4 chance of a different message and know the game is dynamic. Oh, yeah.

So you meet these cute characters and get to know them. Anime fans already know their archetypes: the childhood friend, the abrasive personality (tsundere), the shy and mysterious one, and the smart, beautiful president of the Literature Club.

Oh, and there’s the Main Character, usually referred to as mc. Who is supposedly to represent you in the game but here’s the twist. The developer admits he made mc as generic and unlikable as possible. He succeeded. The game opens to present the mc and with his first words, you already dislike him. Then you learn he’s a slacker with no motivation. just happy to go through life ‘on the average’ and have time for anime and manga.

It’s no wonder the characters are speaking directly to you, the player, before the game is over. This is just one of many “breaking the fourth wall” instances.

Okay, everyone. Enough game basics.

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