Extracted from poems,rpy, version 1.1.0

I made a blunder a long time ago by using a text file not my own. Thus, I missed a clue that is obvious in the rpy file.

First. the python header, lines 1-8 of the whole file. Next, poem_y23 , affectionally known as that damned Yuri mdpnfbo,jrfp monstrosity. Lines 122-175. When you see this in the rpy file, it is blindingly obvious that there is something special about it: all the lines end with a python backslash except the line ending with pi.

The remaining lines in the ‘coda’ also have the backslash except the last one, which holds a single closing parenthesis preceded by four spaces, python style, ending the poem correctly.

A python backslash means:join this line to the next. And here you have a string of letters (or numbers?) as long as a python.

There are no double commas in the coda..

init python:
class Poem:
def __init__(self, author="", title="", text="", yuri_2=False, yuri_3=False): = author
self.title = title
self.text = text
self.yuri_2 = yuri_2
self.yuri_3 = yuri_3

poem_y23 = Poem(
author = "yuri",
yuri_3 = True,
title = "mdpnfbo,jrfp",
text = """\
ed,,zinger suivante,,tels handknits finish,,cagefuls basinlike bag octopodan,,imboss\
ing vaporettos rorid easygoingnesses nalorphines,,benzol respond washerwomen bris\
tlecone,,parajournalism herringbone farnarkeled,,episodically cooties,,initiallers \
bimetallic,,leased hinters,,confidence teetotaller computerphobes,,pinnacle exotica\
lly overshades prothallia,,posterior gimmickry brassages bediapers countertrades,,\
haslet skiings sandglasses cannoli,,carven nis egomaniacal,,barminess gallivanted,,\
southeastward,,oophoron crumped,,tapued noncola colposcopical,,dolente trebbiano re\
vealment,,outworked isotropous monosynaptic excisional moans,,enterocentesis jacuz\
zi preoccupations,,hippodrome outward googs,,tabbises undulators,,metathesizing,,sha\
ria prepostor,,neuromast curmudgeons actability,,archaise spink reddening miscount\
,,madmen physostigmin statecraft neurocoeles bammed,,tenderest barguests crusados \
trust,,manshifts darzis aerophones,,reitboks discomposingly,,expandors,,monotasking \
galabia,,pertinents expedients witty,,chirographies crachach unsatisfactoriness sw\
erveless,,flawed sepulchred thanksgiver scrawl skug,,perorate stringers gelatine f\
lagstones,,chuses conceptualization surrejoined,,counterblasts rache,,numerative,,de\
lirifacients methylthionine,,mantram dynamist atomised,,eternization percalines hr\
yvnias pragmatizing,,reproachfulnesses telework nowts demoded revealer,,burnettize\
caryopteris subangular wirricows,,transvestites sinicized narcissus,,hikers meno,,\
degassing,,postcrises alikenesses,,sycophancy seroconverting insure,,yantras raphid\
es cliftiest bosthoon,,zootherapy chlorides nationwide schlub yuri,,timeshares cas\
tanospermine backspaces reincite,,coactions cosignificative palafitte,,poofters su\
bjunctions,,aquarian,,theralite revindicating,,cynosural permissibilities narcotisi\
ng,,journeywork outkissed clarichords troutier,,myopias undiverting evacuations sn\
arier superglue,,deaminise infirmaries teff hebephrenias,,brainboxes homonym lance\
let,,lambitive stray,,inveigled,,acetabulums atenolol,,dekkos scarcer flensed,,abulia\
s flaggers wammul boastfully,,galravitch happies interassociation multipara augme\
ntations,,teratocarcinomata coopting didakai infrequently,,hairtails intricacy usu\
als,,pillorise outrating,,cataphoresis,,furnishings leglen,,goethite deflate butterb\
urs,,phoneticising winiest hyposulphuric campshirts,,chainfalls swimmings roadbloc\
ked redone soliloquies,,broking mendaciousness parasitisms counterworld,,unravelli\
ngs quarries passionately,,onomatopoesis repenting,,ramequin,,mopboard euphuistical\
ly,,volta sycophantized allantoides,,bors bouclees raisings sustaining,,diabolist s\
ticks dole liltingly,,curial bisexualisms siderations hemolysed,,damnabilities unk\
enneling halters,,peripheral congaing,,diatomicity,,foolings repayments,,hereabouts \
vamosed him,,slanters moonrock porridgy monstruous,,heartwood bassoonist predispos\
itions jargoon dominances,,timidest inalienable rewearing inevitably,,entreating r\
etiary tranquillizing,,uniparental droogs,,allotropous,,forzati abiogenetic,,obdurat\
ion exempted unifaces,,epilating calisaya dispiteously coggles,,vestmented flukily\
ignifying complished hiccupy municipalize,,pentagraphs parcels sutler excavates,,\
stardust miscited thankfulness,,fouter pertused,,overpacks,,guarishes hylotheism,,pi
Fresh blood seeps through the line parting her skin and slowly colors her breast red.\
I begin to hyperventilate as my compulsion grows. The images won’t go away. Images of\
me driving the knife into her flesh continuously, fucking her body with the blade, \
making a mess of her. My head starts going crazy as my thoughts start to return. \
Shooting pain assaults my mind along with my thoughts. This is disgusting. Absolutely\
disgusting. How could I ever let myself think these things? But it’s unmistakable. \
The lust continues to linger through my veins. An ache in my muscles stems from the \
unreleased tension experienced by my entire body. Her Third Eye is drawing me closer."""

Found is not solving … there are some C55:E people who glibly say “it’s just an easter egg, means nothing.” Reminds me of poem_special3.png …

One idle thought: could the filename be a keyword?

Whle extracting this poem, I looked at the Yuri set:

poem_y1 = Ghost Under the Light
poem_y2 = The Raccoon
poem_y3 = Beach
poem_y3b = Ghost Under the Light pt. 2
poem_y22 = Wheel
poem_y23 = mdpnfbo,jrfp

If Ghost pt. 2 appears in Act One, does that suggest Yuri becomes aware of [player] early and that triggers the yandere obsession?