Chapter Five


It’s Sunday and mc is pacing up and down in front of his house, waiting for Natsuki. He’s worried about Sayori since she left the club early on Friday but indecisive about intruding on her.

Suddenly, he makes a snap decision. If Sayori is hurting, for whatever reason, he shouldn’t hesitate to find out why.

He walks the short distance, knocks at the door and enters; they always treated each other’s house as family. Normally she would have rushed downstairs to greet him, not this time. He climbs the stairs, hesitates, knocks on her door. After a silent moment, he enters.

“You haven’t come over like this in a long time, have you?
“Aren’t you supposed to see Natsuki today? … Monika told me.”
Mc stumbles, “I just … wanted to see how you were doing. I know you too well.”
“That’s no good, [player].
“This is all my fault … accidentally express my feelings … ”
“I know something happened to you, Sayori.”
“You’re wrong. Nothing happened to me.
“I’ve always been like this.
“You’re just seeing it for the first time.”
“Seeing what?”
“The thing is …
“‘I’ve had really bad depression my whole life.
“Did you know that?
“Why do you think I’m late to school every day?
“I can’t even find a reason to get out of bed.”

(The conversation goes on, inconclusively. This effort to convey the gist of the scene is like a bad Reader’s Digest condensation. The actual scene is, well, if you didn’t understand depression before, you certainly feel it now.)

So, mc trudges home, waiting for Natsuki. She text’s him, out he goes and … oh, no school uniform, cute clothes, on top of text turned into convo, with emoji and cute words. So mc learns the fun of baking and even comes up with a neat idea of using frosting to write words on cupcakes. Literature Club, you see.

Baking really is fun


Fun with frosting and teasing until the smoke alarm goes off because mc didn’t check there was a dirty tray in the oven when he ignited it. The moment’s gone.

Their work is done and her time to leave. Reluctantly. But papa is cooking and she must whet her appetite. Good meals aren’t always available …

And they walk outside …  neither quite willing to have their time together ended.


“I’ve felt it … for a while now,” she says.

… and Sayori turns up.

Mc, flustered, “Just now, we weren’t — ”

“Ehehe — it’s okay.”

“I’m already on my way out,” says Natsuki — and races away.

Sayori says, “I tried staying my room …

“I had to come here and see it for myself.

“How much fun you were having with Natsuki.

“It makes me  … really happy … ”

Tears start to fall down Sayori’s face.

“Why does it feel like my heart is splitting in half?

“It hurts so much … Monika was right … ”

Mc shakes his head, “Monika, what?!”

“I should just … ”

“That’s enough, Sayori. I know what you need the most right now.”


“I love you.

“Those are my true feelings.

“I should have realized it sooner.”


Suddenly, Sayori wraps her arms tightly around me.

“Is this … really okay? I love you!

“I always thought this would be the happiest moment for me.

“Why won’t the rainclouds go away?”

“It’s okay, Sayori.”

“I … trust you.”

“I guess that makes the festival tomorrow  … our first date, huh?”

Chapter Six

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