broom 3

Am I bland,

 I take it back. It’s an insult to Sayori to let it stand

Sayori-FBbasically it starts out normal, you sit there clicking rapidly, suddenly worst girl (fight me ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥) starts going to school less, afterwards they have some SUPER EMOTIONAL AND SAD BREAKDOWSN WHER THEY TELL YOU THERE DEPRESSED :OOOOO. Then you guessed it, after some of the most obvious, blatant, build-up in the history of mankind that you’d have to literally be a human lymph node to not see coming they hang themself. They ♥♥♥♥ing hang themself, suddenly, they just ♥♥♥♥ing hang themself. There’s no slow descent into depression, just BOOM, “oh muh depressed” and they’re ♥♥♥♥ing dead. And it’s all your fault, player! YEAH

My italics there. Let’s deconstruct it.

The first day, on the way to school, Sayori admits she overslept again. [CLUE] Mc agrees to join the literature club. Day Two, Sayori’s poem is ‘Dear Sunshine’ includes this line: “If it wasn’t for you, I could sleep forever.” [CLUE]

After the poem swaps, Natsuki and Yuri have an argument about writing styles. This is not a full fledged glitch but the audio treatment certainly hints at worse to come – the normal tracks fades into an abnormally long silence and then a hectic and shrill track and another distracting silence and back to the normal track.

Sayori is unnerved by the argument. Monika, of course, wasted no time after her epiphany and is already messing with things.

Many interesting things happen during the second poem game chapter.  Sayori tried to trick mc into buying her a snack, curious behavior. Monika arrives late, another curious departure from her responsible style as well as president of the club normally setting an example. She was ‘practicing piano and lost track of time.

Natsuki seemed to take on a role as interrogator. Piano? More likely poring over the game files to see what chaos she could create.

Mc’s first poem has three outcomes here. If it was liked by Sayori, they will go to an empty classroom looking for supplies for their festival posters. On the way, she recites “My Meadow”, a bittersweet poem. [CLUE]  In that classroom, Sayori hurts herself because of her clumsy nature. [CLUE] She reveals how as kids she often got hurt in their games because mc was “oblivious” …

Back at the club room, Monika has decided they will all do a poem performance and hope visitors will respond. In her turn, Sayori announces the title, “My Meadow.” This is like bashing the reader over the head , yet most fan sites seem to overlook it.

If that weren’t enough of a red flag, her ‘other’ second poem is “Bottles”. The opening lines: “I pop off my scalp like the lid of a cookie jar. /  It’s the secret place where I keep all my dreams.”

And the final [CLUE] is her handwriting, a font named ‘hashtag’, so erratic it’s obvious this girl needs help.

You will have saved at the first poem game and have to go through three passes for three Dokis to collect their CGs. That’s a lot of loads and saves, plenty of time to reflect on the clues. You also have two Sunday help sessions for mc to get in trouble. Sayori will appear at the end of each.

Mc has two choices,”I love you”, or “You’ll always be my dearest friend” and either will write hxppy thxughts to the game folder. Mc also may snag the third CG.

Festival Day! It’s a little late for another clue but that’s where ‘Sayori’s last poem’ turns up. Monika’s professional-looking desktop published booklet included the words  of the Doki’s poems.

Mc comes to the club room early, curious to see how the day turns out. Monika wonders why he didn’t bring Sayori along. She tells him she’s aware of Sunday afternoon’s events. Meanwhile, mc is leafing through the booklet to find:

Get out of my head. Get out of my head. Get out of my head. Get out of my head. Get

repeated a lot and some other text and this curious close:

But a poem is never actually finished.
It just stops moving.

Monika tells him, “You left her hanging” after yesterday’s events. Mc bolts and runs to Sayori’s house, barges in, up the stairs (where are her parents?) and hesitates before opening the door. Major glitch. Traceback error. Sayo-nara plays.

Question. We know from Sayori’s statement during the depression revelation that she was staying home and not going to Monika’s. How did Monika get the text?