Notification email from WordPress. How nice … and I followed the provided link.

1-Under Construction

Seeing  as how this implementation of the website was operational from January 8, I was not impressed. So I go to My Site and find two pages trashed. Even betterer, the home page had ZERO history. Home page has the site table of contents, so every time I add a page, I put a link in the ToC. And update. And ‘Visit Site’.

On a hunch, I opened a browser window on the external monitor and fed it the site link. Voila! it’s normal.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at any  anomalous behavior here. Even during the sign-up, the bot tried to force a site name on me and insisted .com was recommended. (Surely it was an AI – artificial idiot – and not a bored happiness engineer person.)

When the deal was done, I find I now own and for the next six days, Google told the world that site does not exist.

And on the seventh day, God My Site told me there was a shiny new prefix: www joined on. Whatever,


Act Two