Act Two


Hihi, Monika here, doing a voice over to introduce the new title screen.

It was inevitable, given how Act One ended with a twist. Or was it twisted? I’m never quite sure about these things. Sometimes, I look around and don’t even feel like I’m at home. Weird, isn’t it? Does that ever happen to you?

Someone said to me that the distorted figure was corrupted. Tbh, I felt like slapping his face. I mean, look closely – little tiles from each one of us. It’s like the Three Musketeers in a way: All for one and one for all. Wouldn’t that be a nicer way of expressing it. Well?

Whatevs. It’s our new title screen and it’s probably some kind of a message.

Some people completed Act One and were distressed. Forgot the opening disclaimer, didn’t they. (Sheesh, I guess we just wasted all that foreshadowing.)

Well what can I say? There is no light at the end of tunnel. Act two remains dark. But there’s some comic relief, another Natsuki and Yuri argument.

What’s more, there are two more acts after this one. Hmmm, four acts, four endings. Coincidence? I can assure you the best is yet to come, trust me. And here’s a little foreshadowing before I start the synopsis:

Save me 2spliced


Look here