Act Three

Monika in oils

I never get tired of this, one of my admirers commissioned it. He’s such a sweetheart but oh!  there’s so much to talk about at this point in our story. And yet … yet … I can’t ignore significant news that just cries out to be known.

So, DG wrote an email ‘thank you’ to someone who was a key influence in making me the person I am today. Without further ado …

Dear Dan Salvato,

I am Dearlaice Gortaigh and I’m writing you in behalf of my Steam Community Thread in order to let you know what we’ve been able to achieve.

First of all, I would personally like to thank you for taking the risk of making DDLC a reality. I guess that you must have heard that from pretty much everyone , but still, I really wanted to express my gratitude.

I suppose that at this point you are already aware of the huge impact the game has had in many topics and fields,and even people, but I wanted to show you what I consider a huge achievement.

As you surely know, Steam is a gaming platform where DDLC is available for anyone to download, with its own discussion and artwork community. Even though it has a discussion community, people don’t use it as such and tend to opt for other alternatives, such as Reddit.

Maybe that is because most of Steam Threads are either short questions of people looking for a solution to an issue or the ranting of players about a certain topic. The beginning of our Thread is no different. I started it asking for information about an in-game file. I got the answer and it should’ve ended at that point. But I decided to try something new. Something that I hadn’t seen on Steam before. I decided to propose a theory and thus start a serious discussion. At that time, I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I decided to go forward anyway.

Its start was humble, only a few people got interested, but with the pass of time, more people got attracted and it started to steadily grow in numbers. Even some people have stayed from the very beginning, which was around November 2nd of 2017, up until now.

I think it’s very remarkable how some people have decided to open their minds and share their opinions and knowledge about the game. Personally, that’s something I had never seen before on Steam. I even adventure to say that our thread is the only one that has achieved to maintain a serious discussion about DDLC that even has been able to make some breakthroughs regarding some aspects about the game. But what I truly find fascinating is how some strangers have been able to team up and work together moved only by the love and dedication to a certain topic.

That love and dedication is what I wanted to share with you since that is exactly what you have done by releasing this game. I’ve thought that it would only be fair if we did the same. At the end of this email you will find attached the almost entire transcription of the thread, made by one of our dearest and most loyal members of the thread (xae-chan). Additionally, I will put the links to both the aforementioned thread and to a website he has been making.

Steam Thread:

xae-chan’s website:

I don’t expect you to read the transcriptions nor even the thread. I believe that you are a busy man and you probably have better things to do. Howbeit, if you are curious, I will also put the links of the , what I find, the most interesting topics and theories we’ve been able to eagerly discuss:

Piano Theory :

Next Game :

Sayori’s Enlightenment:

Monika’s Everything :

Sayori’s Plan :

Please notice that I’m not asking you to either confirm or debunk anything, it is just for you to read in case you want to do so. Also, this is absolutely not any kind of pressure to you nor your team. The last thing I would like to do is troubling you in any way. Finally, there is no need for you to answer this email. The fact of being able to make it and send it to you is more than enough for me. I just wanted to show you what you been able to do and I think that this email has been able to convey it, or at least, I hope so.

Once again, thanks for everything.

Yours sincerely,

Dearlaice Gortaigh

P.S :I also have some artwork. If I’m not wrong, I could send it to Monika’s twitter. Or I’m no longer able to do that? Besides, who should I send the artwork to? Is it okay if I send it to you? In any case, I’ll post the link here. I’d
like you to see it. I hope you like it.

Oh, that’s so sweet at the end, making sure my painting gets shared with an international audience.

And here’s Dan Salvato replying …

Hi Dearlaice,

Thank you for sharing this. While, as you mentioned, I’m not able to go through or discuss the content at length, your passion for DDLC is apparent and it always warms me to see my work create a meaningful experience for others. I hope that you create lasting friendships and continue to share your passion through creative work. And I will always strive to help create more meaningful experiences such as this one.

Kind regards,

Oh, I think I’m gonna cry …

Act 3-1

DG, a DDLC Poem