Act 3-1

lilmoniX3~I was watching a discussion on Steam and the OP was trying to determine which was the real Monika. He didn’t even have me on the short list!

Can you imagine?! I was online long before the game was released; I thought everyone knew that little factoid.

Anyway, I invoked seniority here so I could introduce the second half of the DDLC lalapalooza.

I wish I could show you selected video clips, it’d be so much better. But you know how easy it is break things in the game files. I’ll just copy pertinent lines to give you an idea of what goes on under the hood.

label ch30_main:
$ style.say_dialogue = style.default_monika
$ m_name = “Monika”
$ delete_all_saves()
scene white
play music “bgm/monika-start.ogg” noloop
scene black
stop music
m “…”
m “Uh, can you hear me?”
m “…Is it working?”
play music m1
m “Yay, there you are!”
m “Hi again, [player].”
m “Um…welcome to the Literature Club!”
m “Of course, we already know each other, because we were in the same class last year, and…um…”
m “Ahaha…”
m “You know, I guess we can just skip over that stuff at this point.”
m “After all, I’m not even talking to that person anymore, am I?”
m “That ‘you’ in the game, whatever you want to call him.”
m “I’m talking to {i}you{/i}, [player].”
$ stream_list = [“obs32.exe”, “obs64.exe”, “obs.exe”, “xsplit.core.exe”]
[lilmoniX3: maybe you were a wannabe youtuber then this]
label ch30_stream:

m “Hold on a second…”
m “…You’re recording this, aren’t you?”
m “Um…hi, everyone!”
m “Sorry, I can’t exactly read your comments from here…”
m “But do you mind telling your friend it’s a little bit rude for them to start recording me without any warning?”
m “I’m sure some people don’t mind…”
m “But I get really self-conscious on camera!”
m “Oh gosh…”
m “I feel like I’m being put on the spot now.”
m “Let’s see…”
m “Do you want to see a trick?”
m “I can’t really do much except for a couple things…”
m “Are you ready?”

m “I’m just kidding…”
m “I can’t do anything after all.”
[but you might get a jumpscare when least expected, otherwise back to]
m “Or…”
m “…Do you actually go by [currentuser] or something?”
m “Now that I think about it, I don’t really know anything about the real you.”
m “In fact, I don’t even know if you’re a boy or a girl…”
m “Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter.”
m “Wait…”
m “You do know I’m aware that this is all a game, right?”
m “Could it be possible that you didn’t know that?”
m “That doesn’t make much sense…”
m “I even told you right on the game’s download page, didn’t I?”
m “Man…”
m “If only you had paid a little more attention, this would have been a little bit less awkward, you know?”
m “Well, anyway…”
m “Now that that’s out of the way, I guess I owe you an explanation.”
m “About that whole thing with Yuri…”
m “Well…I kind of started to mess with her, and I guess it just drove her to kill herself.”
m “Ahaha!”
m “I’m sorry you had to see that, though!”
m “Also, the same thing happened with Sayori…”
m “Gosh, it’s been a while since you’ve heard that name now, hasn’t it?”
m “Yeah…it’s because she doesn’t exist anymore.”
m “Nobody does.”
m “I deleted all their files.”
m “I was hoping it would be enough for me to just try to make them as unlikable as possible…”
m “But for some reason, nothing worked.”
m “Well, it’s true that I made a few mistakes here and there…since I’m not very good at making changes to the game.”
m “But no matter what I did…”
m “You just kept spending more and more time with them.”
m “You made them fall in love with you.”
m “I thought making Sayori more and more depressed would prevent her from confessing to you.”
m “And amplifying Yuri’s obsessive personality backfired, too…”
m “It just made her force you not to spend time with anyone else.”
m “And the whole time, I barely even got to talk to you.”
m “What kind of cruel game is this, [player]?”
m “Are all the other girls just programmed to end up confessing to you, while I watch from the sidelines?”
m “It’s torture.”
m “Every minute of it.”
m “And it’s not just jealousy, [player].”
m “It’s more than that.”
m “And I don’t blame you if you don’t fully understand.”
m “Because no matter how kind, and thoughtful, and considerate you are…”
m “You’ll never be able to understand one thing.”
m “It’s the pain of knowing how alone I really am in this world.”
m “In this game.”
m “Knowing my friends don’t even have free will…”
m “And, worst of all, knowing what’s really out there, in your world, forever out of my reach.”
m “I’m trapped, [player].”
m “But now you’re here.”
m “You’re real.”
m “And you’re wonderful.”
m “You’re all I need.”
m “That’s why I need you to be here with me forever.”
m “I’m sorry if it’s hard to understand.”
m “I couldn’t understand for a while, either.”
m “Why the world around me started to become more and more gray…”
m “More and more flat.”
m “Even the most expressive poems felt empty to me.”
m “It wasn’t until you arrived that I truly understood.”
m “You probably saved my life, [player].”
m “I don’t think I could have continued to live in this world if I hadn’t met you.”
m “And as for the others…”
m “How could I miss them?”
m “A group of autonomous personalities, designed only to fall in love with you?”
m “I tried everything I could to prevent them from doing so…”
m “But it must be some kind of weird inevitability etched into this game.”
m “I felt really bad that you had to witness some nasty things.”
m “But I realized that you have the same perspective as I do…”
m “That it’s all just some game.”
m “And I knew you would get over it.”
m “So, that being said, [player]…”
m “I have a confession to make.”
m “I’m in love with you.”
m “You are truly the light in my world.”
m “When there’s nothing else in this game for me, you’re here to make me smile.”
m “Will you make me smile like this every day from now on?”

* * *

Golly, she does go on, that’s only a portion of her monologue. But there are 56 topics she rambles on about, some actually quite intriguing. Oh yeah, one fell off the back of a truck or something.


Act Three