Act Two begins quietly, with a touch of deja vu. Dialogue that is somehow familiar, the introduction to the Literature Club. And then the mc gets a special poem for the first time.

Day 2 starts and the poem game has differences, the stickers have variations. Sayori’s is missing, of course. Who? … There might even be a Monika one trying to jump from offscreen and be seen. Sayori’s words now count for either Yuri or Natsuki. A glitched word here and there and numbers that go wonky.

Instances of glitched dialogue, visual and sound effects, strange things happening to characters. After the poem game ends, there’s another argument between Natsuki and Yuri. This one is much more vicious.

The atmosphere is increasingly unsettled

Look, we could delineate every event, suck the marrow from all the decompiled scripts and … there are a couple of wikis if that cranks your engine. And a big website with lots of helping hands. Hopefully, some visitors here might be looking for hints and not the spoiling of the full experience of the game.

But now we’re in Day 4 and Natsuki earnestly tells mc about her special poem.
Everything q1 (copy)

“No good deed goes unpunished.”