4Maybe there’s light at the end of the tunnel? But first you have to go through it.

Here’s where we separate the sheep from the goats.  Whatever that means. It just popped into my head. I hope it’s not catching; that would be depressing.

Anyhow, if you thought it was dark before, it’ll get more so. But we’ve got other matters to deal with right now.

This is our second poem day, so here is Yuri’s “Wheel”. I hope you understand it.



a rotating wheel turning an axle grinding bolthead linear gearbox falling sky seven holy stakes
a docked ship a portal to another world a thin rope tied to a thick rope a torn harness parabolic gearbox
expanding universe time controlled by slipping cogwheels existence of god swimming with open water in all directions
drowning a prayer written in blood a prayer written in time-devouring snakes with human eyes
a thread connecting all living human eyes a kaleidoscope of holy stakes exponential gearbox
a sky of exploding stars god disproving the existence of god a wheel rotating in six dimensions
forty gears and a ticking clock a clock that ticks one second for every rotation of the planet
a clock that ticks forty times every time it ticks every second time a bolthead of holy stakes tied to
the existence of a docked ship to another world a kaleidoscope of blood written in clocks a time-devouring
prayer connecting a sky of forty gears and open human eyes in all directions breathing gearbox breathing bolthead
breathing ship breathing portal breathing snakes breathing god breathing blood breathing holy stakes
breathing human eyes breathing time breathing prayer breathing sky breathing wheel