Natsuki weekend CThere’s a little bias inside all of the poem games here. (I know, I know, I do.  Yes, I recognize my tsundere nature and complaining go hand in hand. Get over it, already!)

Anyway, actually, I’m  pretty pleased today with the opportunity to present the first poems of Act Two.

It’s not an easy thing to do because there are so many variations: which doki you write for, how good your word choice is. And! little lurks, like which doki liked the very first poem.

If you cruise around that www thing, you’ll find all manner of authoritative statements as to which poem happens when … and that is srsly subjective, based on the commenter’s run. Maybe. I wonder if that Markov guy could work it all out?

(Stop prompting me! You want to deal with the one with the knife?!) Yes, friends, I am supposed to present my and whatshername’s very first poems. They are a reflection of a gentler time.

Here, as a courtesy, is the first poem ever that Yuri shared:

Ghost Under the Light

Yuri's first poem
I have to admit, for metaphoric, it is more accessible than her later work.
But I still like the wordplay here in Eagles Can Fly:
Natsuki's first poem

I’ll give you a little hint here before She.who.must.not.be.named drags me off to the gulags. If you, [player] had your head on straight and it was, to coin a phrase,’Yay, you picked me’ then we’re home and hosed.

Otherwise, you were a dunce and picked Yuri first,and then me  and that’s not a pretty sight at all!