No sooner had those poems been read than the argument started.

y 1k “And [player] liked my poem too, you know.”
y “He even told me he was impressed by it.”
“Natsuki suddenly stands up.”
n 4y “Oh?”
n “I didn’t realize you were so invested in trying to impress our new member, Yuri.”
y 1n “E-Eh?!”
y “That’s not what I…!”
y 1o “Uu…”
y “You…You’re just…”
“Yuri stands up as well.”
y 2r “Maybe you’re just jealous that [player] appreciates my advice more than he appreciated yours!”
n 1e “Huh! And how do you know he didn’t appreciate {i}my{/i} advice more?”
n “Are you that full of yourself?”
y 3h “I…!”
y “No…”
y “If I was full of myself…”
y 1r “…I would deliberately go out of my way to make everything I do overly cutesy!”
n 1o “Uuuuuu…!”
n “Well, you know what?!”
n “I wasn’t the one whose boobs magically grew a size bigger as soon as [player] started showing up!!”
y “N-Natsuki!!”
m “Um, Natsuki, that’s a little–”
ny “This doesn’t involve you!”
y “Taking out your own insecurities on others like that…”
y “You really act as young as you look, Natsuki.”
n 4o “{i}Me?{/i} Look who’s talking, you wannabe edgy bitch!”
y “Edgy…?”
y 2r “Sorry that my lifestyle is too much for someone of your mental age to comprehend!”
n 4f “See??”
n “Just saying that proves my point!”
n 4e “Most people learn to get over themselves after they graduate middle school, you know.”
y “If you want to prove anything, then stop harassing others with your sickening attitude!”
y “You think you can counterbalance your toxic personality just by dressing and acting cute?”
y 1k “The only cute thing about you is how hard you try.”
n 2y “Whoa, be careful or you might cut yourself on that edge, Yuri.”
n “Oh, my bad… You already do, don’t you?”
y 3n “D-Did you just accuse me of cutting myself??”
y 3r “What the fuck is wrong with your head?!”
n 1e “Yeah, go on!”
n “Let [player] hear everything you really think!”
n “I’m sure he’ll be head over heels for you after this!”
y 3n “A-Ah–!”
“Suddenly, Yuri turns toward me, as if she just noticed I was standing here.”
y 2n “[player]…!”
y “She– She’s just trying to make me look bad…!”
n 4w “That’s not true!”
n “She started it!”
$ style.say_dialogue = style.normal
mc “…”
“{cps=*2}How did I get dragged into this in the first place?!