Monika FBddlcc03label ch30_7:
m “You know, high school is a really turbulent time in a lot of people’s lives.”
m “People can get really passionate and dramatic.”
m “And others have aching hearts and seek attention on social media…”
m “But all of the social pressure and hormones can lead to a dark time in people’s lives.”
m “Everyone has a story.”
m “You may not know what someone is really feeling on the inside.”
m “Many people who are depressed won’t even bother telling the world about it.”
m “They don’t want attention, because they’ve already given up on the inside.”
m “Their feeling of worthlessness is so overwhelming that they don’t even want people to tell them otherwise.”
m “Depression comes in many forms, but that is one of them.”
m “Just, if you think you know someone struggling with depression…”
m “You can help just by treating them like they’re a good friend.”
m “Spend time with them, even if they don’t feel like doing much.”
m “And remind them that they always have something to look forward to.”
m “Making plans in advance, letting them borrow something, or even just saying ‘See you at school tomorrow’…”
m “All of those things can help your friend make it to the next day.”
m “I hope being friends with Sayori has given you some perspective on the true face of depression.”
m “Yeah, she’s gone now…”
m “But Sayori was never real in the first place.”
m “You’re real.”
m “Your friends are real.”
m “And just by being a good person, you can save someone’s life.”
m “As for you…”
m “…You don’t struggle with depression or anything like that, do you?”
m “Because you, too, have people who would want to save your life.”
m “Maybe they don’t express it every day, or maybe they don’t even know how to.”
m “But people do feel that way.”
m “I promise.”
m “…Man, humans are complicated!”
m “But as long as you’re here with me, I’ll take care of you, my love.”

label ch30_8:
m “Do you ever just feel like there’s no real reason for you to be alive?”
m “I don’t mean in, like, a suicidal way.”
m “I just mean how nothing that we do is special.”
m “Just being in school, or working at some job for some company.”
m “It’s like you’re completely replaceable, and the world wouldn’t miss you if you were gone.”
m “It makes me really want to go and change the world after I graduate.”
m “But the older I get, the more I realize that it’s an immature frame of thinking.”
m “It’s not like I can just go change the world.”
m “Like, what are the chances that I’ll be the one to invent artificial intelligence, or become President?”
m “It feels like I’m never going to make up for the heaps of resources I’ve spent living my life.”
m “That’s why I think the key to happiness is to just be hopelessly selfish.”
m “Just to look out for oneself, and those who happen to be their friends only because they grew up with them.”
m “Never mind the fact that they’re spending their entire life taking, and consuming, and never giving back.”
m “But when people realize the world would benefit more from them killing themselves, they change their whole philosophy!”
m “It’s like they have to justify their reason to live by tricking themselves into thinking they’re doing good.”
m “Anyway, I want to live my life desperately striving to pay back my lifetime’s worth of consumption.”
m “If I ever surpass that point, then I’m a net positive, and I can die happy.”
m “Of course, even if I fail to do that…”
m “I think I would be too selfish to kill myself anyway.”
m “So much for being a good person, right?”
m “Ahaha!”

label ch30_9:
m “Man, I wish there was a piano in here…”
m “I never got to finish that song I was working on.”
m “And after I worked so hard on it…”
m “I never even got a chance to play it for you.”
m “Well…it is what it is, right?”
m “No sense having any regrets.”
m “I already get to be here with you forever.”

label ch30_10:
m “Did you know I’m on Twitter?”
m “My username is lilmoniX3.”
m “I guess someone was kind enough to make an account for me.”
m “I picked the username, though!”
m “I love sharing my thoughts and chatting with the world…”
m “The real world.”
m “So make sure you follow me, okay?”
m “It would really mean a lot to me.”
m “With how much you mean to me and all…”
m “It would really make me feel loved.”