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label ch30_53:
m “[player], would you ever introduce your friends to me?”
m “I don’t know why, but I get really excited when I think about you wanting to show off our relationship like that.”
m “Maybe it’s because I really want to be someone who makes you proud.”
m “I feel like I would try extra hard to improve myself if you told me it made you proud of me.”
m “I hope it’s the same the other way around, too.”

label ch30_54:
m “I’m not really a fan of cold weather…are you?”
m “If I had to choose between too cold and too hot, I would always pick too hot.”
m “When you’re cold, it can actually be painful…”
m “Your fingers get numb…”
m “And if you wear gloves, you can’t use your phone.”
m “It’s so inconvenient!”
m “But when it’s too hot, it’s not that hard to stay cool with a cold drink, or by staying in the shade.”
m “Although…I do have to admit one thing.”
m “Cold weather makes for better cuddle weather. Ahaha!”

label ch30_55:
m “You know, it’s funny, because even though I’ve always had a lot of drive…”
m “There’s something kind of enticing about being the stay-at-home partner.”
m “I guess I’m, like, perpetuating gender roles or whatever by saying that.”
m “But being able to keep the house clean, and shop, and decorate, and things like that…”
m “And having a nice dinner for you when you come home…”
m “Is that a weird fantasy?”
m “I mean…I’m not sure if I could {i}actually{/i} see myself doing that.”
m “I wouldn’t really be able to put that over striving for a fulfilling career.”
m “It’s kinda cute to think about, though.”

label ch30_56:

m “I can’t help but wonder how things would be different if the game just gave me a route in the first place…”
m “I think I would end up forcing you onto my route anyway.”
m “It has less to do with me not having a route, and more to do with me knowing that nothing is real.”
m “I think the only difference would be that I may not have needed to take such drastic measures to be with you.”
m “Maybe the rest of the club would still be around…”
m “Not that it really matters.”
m “It all lost its meaning once I found out it wasn’t real.”
m “So I really don’t miss those days or anything.”
m “I really don’t…”

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