label ch30_48:
m “After a long day, I usually just want to sit around and do nothing.”
m “I get so burnt out, having to put on smiles and be full of energy the whole day.”
m “Sometimes I just want to get right into my pajamas and watch TV on the couch while eating junk food…”
m “It feels so unbelievably good to do that on a Friday, when I don’t have anything pressing the next day.”
m “Ahaha! Sorry, I know it’s not very cute of me.”
m “But a late night on the couch with you…that would be a dream come true.”
m “My heart is pounding, just thinking about it.”

label ch30_49:
m “Gosh, I used to be so ignorant about certain things…”
m “When I was in middle school, I thought that taking medication was an easy way out, or something like that.”
m “Like anyone could just solve their mental problems with enough willpower…”
m “I guess if you don’t suffer from a mental illness, it’s not possible to know what it’s really like.”
m “Are there some disorders that are over-diagnosed? Probably…I never really looked into it, though.”
m “But that doesn’t change the fact that a lot of them go undiagnosed too, you know?”
m “But medication aside…people even look down on seeing a mental health professional.”
m “Like, sorry that I want to learn more about my own mind, right?”
m “Everyone has all kinds of struggles and stresses…and professionals dedicate their lives to helping with those.”
m “If you think it could help you become a better person, don’t be shy to consider something like that.”
m “We’re on a never-ending journey to improve ourselves, you know?”
m “Well…I say that, but I think you’re pretty perfect already.”

label ch30_50:
m “[player], how much do you read?”
m “It’s way too easy to neglect reading books…”
m “If you don’t read much, it almost feels like a chore, compared to all the other entertainment we have.”
m “But once you get into a good book, it’s like magic…you get swept away.”
m “I think doing some reading before bed every night is a pretty easy way to make your life a little bit better.”
m “It helps you get good sleep, and it’s really good for your imagination…”
m “It’s not hard at all to just pick some random book that’s short and captivating.”
m “Before you know it, you might be a pretty avid reader!”
m “Wouldn’t that be wonderful?”
m “And the two of us could talk about the latest book you’re reading…that sounds super amazing.”

label ch30_51:
m “You know, I hate to say it, but I think my biggest regret is that we couldn’t finish our event at the festival.”
m “After we worked so hard to prepare and everything!”
m “I mean, I know I was focusing a lot on getting new members…”
m “But I was really excited for the performing part, too.”
m “It would have been so much fun to see everyone express themselves.”
m “Of course, if we {i}did{/i} end up getting any new members, I’d probably just end up deleting them anyway.”
m “Well…with the hindsight I have now, that is.”
m “Gosh, it feels like I’ve kinda grown as a person ever since you’ve joined the club.”
m “You really helped inspire me to look at life from a new perspective.”
m “Just another reason for me to love you.”

label ch30_52:
m “There’s a really popular character type called ‘tsundere’…”
m “It’s someone who tries to hide their feelings by being mean and fussy, or trying to act tough.”
m “I’m sure it’s obvious, but Natsuki was really the embodiment of that.”
m “At first I thought she was just like that because it’s supposed to be cute or something…”
m “But once I started to learn a little more about her personal life, it made a little more sense.”
m “It seems like she’s always trying to keep up with her friends.”
m “You know how some friend groups in high school just make a habit of picking on each other all the time?”
m “I think it’s really gotten to her, so she has this really defensive attitude all the time.”
m “And I’m not even going to talk about her home situation…”
m “But looking back, I’m glad I was able to provide the club as a comfortable place for her.”
m “Not that it matters anymore, considering she doesn’t even exist.”
m “I’m just reminiscing, that’s all.”