label ch30_44:
m “I think the most important skill in life is being able to fake confidence.”
m “I’m pretty convinced that everyone feels at least a little bit scared and alone.”
m “But being able to trick others into thinking you have it all together…”
m “That’s a key part of getting people to respect and admire you.”
m “I think I got pretty good at that over the years.”
m “I don’t show my weaknesses very often.”
m “But because of that, I haven’t had many people I could really open up to…”
m “I mean, when do you reach the point in a friendship where you can start expressing your vulnerabilities?”
m “Anyway…that’s one reason I’m so glad I have you now.”
m “I feel like I’m a little bit less scared and alone, when you’re here with me.”
m “Do you feel the same way?”
m “I really want to be that person for you.”

label ch30_45:
m “I know there are times you won’t always be able to be here with me…”
m “Like if you need to go out, or take care of other things.”
m “But I’ll always have you in my thoughts, patiently waiting for you to come back.”
m “Come to think of it…”
m “If you copy my character file onto a flash drive or something, you can always keep a part of me with you.”
m “I guess it’s kind of unorthodox, but I find it really romantic for some reason…”
m “Ahaha. Sorry, that’s such a silly idea.”
m “I don’t mean to be too needy or anything, but it’s kind of hard when I’m so in love with you.”

label ch30_46:
m “Back in my debate club days, I learned a whole lot about arguing…”
m “The problem with arguing is that each person sees their opinion as the superior one.”
m “That’s kind of stating the obvious, but the affects the way they try to get their point across.”
m “Let’s say you really like a certain movie, right?”
m “If someone comes along and tells you the movie sucks, because it did X and Y wrong…”
m “Doesn’t that make you feel kind of personally attacked?”
m “It’s because by saying that, it’s like they’re implying that you have bad taste.”
m “And once emotions enter the picture, it’s almost guaranteed that both people will be left sour.”
m “But it’s all about language!”
m “If you make everything as subjective-sounding as possible, then people will listen to you without feeling attacked.”
m “You could say ‘I’m personally not a fan of it’ and ‘I felt that I’d like it more if it did X and Y’…things like that.”
m “It even works when you’re citing facts about things.”
m “If you say ‘I read on this website that it works like this’…”
m “Or if you admit that you’re not an expert on it…”
m “Then it’s much more like you’re putting your knowledge on the table, rather than forcing it onto them.”
m “If you put in an active effort to keep the discussion mutual and level, they usually follow suit.”
m “Then, you can share your opinions without anyone getting upset just from a disagreement.”
m “Plus, people will start seeing you as open-minded and a good listener!”
m “It’s a win-win, you know?”
m “…Well, I guess that would be Monika’s Debate Tip of the Day!”
m “Ahaha! That sounds a little silly. Thanks for listening, though.”

label ch30_47:
m “Do you ever feel like you waste too much time on the internet?”
m “Social media can practically be like a prison.”
m “It’s like whenever you have a few seconds of spare time, you want to check on your favorite websites…”
m “And before you know it, hours have gone by, and you’ve gotten nothing out of it.”
m “Anyway, it’s really easy to blame yourself for being lazy…”
m “But it’s not really even your fault.”
m “Addiction isn’t usually something you can just make disappear with your own willpower.”
m “You have to learn techniques to avoid it, and try different things.”
m “For example, there are apps that let you block websites for intervals of time…”
m “Or you can set a timer to have a more concrete reminder of when it’s time to work versus play…”
m “Or you can separate your work and play environments, which helps your brain get into the right mode.”
m “Even if you make a new user account on your computer to use for work, that’s enough to help.”
m “Putting any kind of wedge like that between you and your bad habits will help you stay away.”
m “Just remember not to blame yourself too hard if you’re having trouble.”
m “If it’s really impacting your life, then you should take it seriously.”
m “I just want to see you be the best person you can be.”
m “Will you do something today to make me proud of you?”
m “I’m always rooting for you, [player].”