label ch30_4:
m “[player], do you get good sleep?”
m “It can be really hard to get enough sleep nowadays.”
m “Especially in high school, when you’re forced to wake up so early every day…”
m “I’m sure college is a little bit better, since you probably have a more flexible schedule.”
m “Then again, I hear a lot of people in college stay up all night anyway, for no real reason.”
m “Is that true?”
m “Anyway, I saw some studies that talked about the horrible short-term and long-term effects caused by lack of sleep.”
m “It seems like mental functions, health, and even lifespan can be dramatically impacted by it.”
m “I just think you’re really great and wanted to make sure you’re not accidentally destroying yourself.”
m “So try to keep your sleep on track, okay?”
m “I’ll always wait for you in the morning, so make sure you put your own well-being before anything else.”

label ch30_5:
m “I was thinking about Sayori earlier…”
m “I still wish I could have handled that whole thing a little more tactfully.”
m “You’re not still hung up over it, right?”
m “…Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I just said that.”
m “That pun was completely unintentional, I swear!”
m “But anyway…”
m “I know how much you cared about her, so it only feels right for me to share her last moments with you.”
m “You know how Sayori is really clumsy?”
m “Well, she kind of messed up the whole hanging thing…”
m “You’re supposed to jump from high enough that the rope snaps your neck, making it quick and painless.”
m “But she just used a chair, meaning she kind of just left herself to slowly asphyxiate.”
m “But a few seconds in, she must have changed her mind or something…”
m “Because she started clawing at the rope, trying to free herself.”
m “She must have kept at it all the way until she lost consciousness.”
m “That’s why her fingertips were all bloody, anyway.”
m “Come to think of it, it was probably less ‘changing her mind’ and more just her survival instincts kicking in.”
m “So you can’t really fault her for that.”
m “It’s easier to think that she probably wouldn’t have changed her mind anyway, right?”
m “It’s not healthy to think about the things you could have done differently.”
m “So just remember that even though you could have saved her, it’s technically not your fault she killed herself.”
m “I may have exacerbated it a little bit, but Sayori was already mentally ill.”
m “Still, though…”
m “I wonder how things would be if you and I just started dating from the get-go?”
m “I guess we’d all still be in the clubroom, writing poems and having fun together.”
m “But what’s the point when none of it is even real?”
m “I mean, it’s the same ending either way, right?”
m “The two of us, happily together…”
m “There’s no reason to ask for any more than that.”
m “I was just pointlessly musing – I’m really as happy as I could be right now.”

label ch30_6:
m “By the way, there’s something that’s been bothering me…”
m “You know how this takes place in Japan?”
m “Well…I assume you knew that, right?”
m “Or at least decided it probably does?”
m “I don’t think you’re actually told at any point where this takes place…”
m “Is this even really Japan?”
m “I mean, aren’t the classrooms and stuff kind of weird for a Japanese school?”
m “Not to mention everything is in English…”
m “It feels like everything is just there because it needs to be, and the actual setting is an afterthought.”
m “It’s kind of giving me an identity crisis.”
m “All my memories are really hazy…”
m “I feel like I’m at home, but have no idea where ‘home’ is in the first place.”
m “I don’t know how to describe it any better…”
m “Imagine looking out your window, but instead of your usual yard, you’re in some completely unknown place.”
m “Would you still feel like you were home?”
m “Would you want to go outside?”
m “I mean…I guess if we never leave this room, it doesn’t really matter anyway.”
m “As long as we’re alone and safe together, this really is our home.”
m “And we can still watch the pretty sunsets night after night.”