label ch30_34:

m “You know what’s a neat form of literature?”
m “Rap!”
m “I actually used to hate rap music…”
m “Maybe just because it was popular, or I would only hear the junk they play on the radio.”
m “But some of my friends got more into it, and it helped me keep an open mind.”
m “Rap might even be more challenging than poetry, in some ways.”
m “Since you need to fit your lines to a rhythm, and there’s much more emphasis on wordplay…”
m “When people can put all that together and still deliver a powerful message, it’s really amazing.”
m “I kind of wish I had a rapper in the Literature Club.”
m “Ahaha! Sorry if that sounds silly, but it would be really interesting to see what they came up with.”
m “It would really be a learning experience!”

label ch30_35:
m “Ehehe. Yuri did something really funny once.”
m “We were all in the clubroom and just relaxing, as usual…”
m “And out of nowhere, Yuri just pulled out a small bottle of wine.”
m “I’m not even kidding!”
m “She was just like ‘Would anybody like some wine?'”
m “Natsuki laughed out loud, and Sayori started yelling at her.”
m “I actually felt kind of bad, because she was at least trying to be nice…”
m “I think it just made her feel even more reserved in the clubroom.”
m “Though I think Natsuki was secretly a bit curious to try it…”
m “…And to be completely honest, I kind of was, too.”
m “It actually could have been kinda fun!”
m “But you know, being President and everything, there was no way I could let that happen.”
m “Maybe if we all met up outside of school, but we never bonded enough to get to that point…”
m “…Gosh, what am I talking about this for?”
m “I don’t condone underage drinking!”
m “I mean, I’ve never drank or anything, so…yeah.”

label ch30_36:
m “I’ve been imagining all the romantic things we could do if we went on a date…”
m “We could get lunch, go to a cafe…”
m “Go shopping together…”
m “I love shopping for skirts and bows.”
m “Or maybe a bookstore!”
m “That would be appropriate, right?”
m “But I’d really love to go to a chocolate store.”
m “They have so many free samples. Ahaha!”
m “And of course, we’d see a movie or something…”
m “Gosh, it all sounds like a dream come true.”
m “When you’re here, everything that we do is fun.”
m “I’m so happy that I’m your girlfriend, [player].”
m “I’ll make you a proud boyfriend~”

label ch30_37:
m “Eh? D-Did you say…k…kiss?”
m “This suddenly…it’s a little embarrassing…”
m “But…if it’s with you…I-I might be okay with it…”
m “…Ahahaha! Wow, sorry…”
m “I really couldn’t keep a straight face there.”
m “That’s the kind of thing girls say in these kinds of romance games, right?”
m “Don’t lie if it turned you on a little bit.”
m “Ahaha! I’m kidding.”
m “Well, to be honest, I do start getting all romantic when the mood is right…”
m “But that’ll be our secret~”

label ch30_38:
m “Hey, have you ever heard of the term ‘yandere’?”
m “It’s a personality type that means someone is so obsessed with you that they’ll do absolutely anything to be with you.”
m “Usually to the point of craziness…”
m “They might stalk you to make sure you don’t spend time with anyone else.”
m “They might even hurt you or your friends to get their way…”
m “But anyway, this game happens to have someone who can basically be described as yandere.”
m “By now, it’s pretty obvious who I’m talking about.”
m “And that would be…”
m “Yuri!”
m “She really got insanely possessive of you, once she started to open up a little.”
m “She even told me I should kill myself.”
m “I couldn’t even believe she said that – I just had to leave at that point.”
m “But thinking about it now, it was a little ironic. Ahaha!”
m “Anyway…”
m “A lot of people are actually into the yandere type, you know?”
m “I guess they really like the idea of someone being crazy obsessed with them.”
m “People are weird! I don’t judge, though!”
m “Also, I might be a little obsessed with you, but I’m far from crazy…”
m “It’s kind of the opposite, actually.”
m “I turned out to be the only normal girl in this game.”
m “It’s not like I could ever actually kill a person…”
m “Just the thought of it makes me shiver.”
m “But come on…everyone’s killed people in games before.”
m “Does that make you a psychopath? Of course not.”
m “But if you do happen to be into the yandere type…”
m “I can try acting a little more creepy for you. Ehehe~”
m “Then again…”
m “There’s already nowhere else for you to go, or anyone for me to get jealous over.”
m “Is this a yandere girl’s dream?”
m “I’d ask Yuri if I could.”