label ch30_29:
m “You know, I’ve always hated how hard it is to make friends…”
m “Well, I guess not the ‘making friends’ part, but more like meeting new people.”
m “I mean, there are like, dating apps and stuff, right?”
m “But that’s not the kind of thing I’m talking about.”
m “If you think about it, most of the friends you make are people you just met by chance.”
m “Like you had a class together, or you met them through another friend…”
m “Or maybe they were just wearing a shirt with your favorite band on it, and you decided to talk to them.”
m “Things like that.”
m “But isn’t that kind of…inefficient?”
m “It feels like you’re just picking at complete random, and if you get lucky, you make a new friend.”
m “And comparing that to the hundreds of strangers we walk by every single day…”
m “You could be sitting right next to someone compatible enough to be your best friend for life.”
m “But you’ll never know.”
m “Once you get up and go on with your day, that opportunity is gone forever.”
m “Isn’t that just depressing?”
m “We live in an age where technology connects us with the world, no matter where we are.”
m “I really think we should be taking advantage of that to improve our everyday social life.”
m “But who knows how long it’ll take for something like that to successfully take off…”
m “I seriously thought it would happen by now.”
m “Well, at least I already met the best person in the whole world…”
m “Even if it was by chance.”
m “I guess I just got really lucky, huh?”
m “Ahaha~”

label ch30_30:
m “You know, it’s around the time that everyone my year starts to think about college…”
m “It’s a really turbulent time for education.”
m “We’re at the height of this modern expectation that everyone has to go to college, you know?”
m “Finish high school, go to college, get a job – or go to grad school, I guess.”
m “It’s like a universal expectation that people just assume is the only option for them.”
m “They don’t teach us in high school that there are other options out there.”
m “Like trade schools and stuff, you know?”
m “Or freelance work.”
m “Or the many industries that value skill and experience more than formal education.”
m “But you have all these students who have no idea what they want to do with their life…”
m “And instead of taking the time to figure it out, they go to college for business, or communication, or psychology.”
m “Not because they have an interest in those fields…”
m “…but because they just hope the degree will get them some kind of job after college.”
m “So the end result is that there are fewer jobs to go around for those entry-level degrees, right?”
m “So the basic job requirements get higher, which forces even more people to go to college.”
m “And colleges are also businesses, so they just keep raising their prices due to the demand…”
m “…So now we have all these young adults, tens of thousands of dollars in debt, with no job.”
m “But despite all that, the routine stays the same.”
m “Well, I think it’s going to start getting better soon.”
m “But until then, our generation is definitely suffering from the worst of it.”
m “I just wish high school prepared us a little better with the knowledge we need to make the decision that’s right for us.”

label ch30_31:
m “Sometimes I think back to middle school…”
m “I’m so embarrassed by the way I used to behave back then.”
m “It almost hurts to think about.”
m “I wonder if when I’m in college, I’ll feel that way about high school…?”
m “I like the way I am now, so it’s pretty hard for me to imagine that happening.”
m “But I also know that I’ll probably change a lot as time goes on.”
m “We just need to enjoy the present and not think about the past!”
m “And that’s really easy to do, with you here.”
m “Ahaha~”

label ch30_32:
m “You know, I’m kind of jealous that everyone else in the club had scenes outside of school too…”
m “That makes me the only one who hasn’t gotten to dress in anything but our school uniform.”
m “It’s kind of a shame…”
m “I would have loved to wear some cute clothes for you.”
m “Do you know any artists?”
m “I wonder if anyone would ever want to draw me wearing something else…”
m “That would be amazing!”
m “If that ever happens, will you show me?”
m “You can share it with me on Twitter, actually!”
m “My username is lilmonix3.”
m “Just…try to keep it PG!”
m “We’re not that far into our relationship yet. Ahaha!”

label ch30_33:
m “Hey, do you like horror?”
m “I remember we talked about it a little bit when you first joined the club.”
m “I can enjoy horror novels, but not really horror movies.”
m “The problem I have with horror movies is that most of them just rely on easy tactics.”
m “Like dark lighting and scary-looking monsters and jump scares, and things like that.”
m “It’s not fun or inspiring to get scared by stuff that just takes advantage of human instinct.”
m “But with novels, it’s a little different.”
m “The story and writing need to be descriptive enough to put genuinely disturbing thoughts into the reader’s head.”
m “It really needs to etch them deeply into the story and characters, and just mess with your mind.”
m “In my opinion, there’s nothing more creepy than things just being slightly off.”
m “Like if you set up a bunch of expectations on what the story is going to be about…”
m “…And then, you just start inverting things and pulling the pieces apart.”
m “So even though the story doesn’t feel like it’s trying to be scary, the reader feels really deeply unsettled.”
m “Like they know that something horribly wrong is hiding beneath the cracks, just waiting to surface.”
m “God, just thinking about it gives me the chills.”
m “That’s the kind of horror I can really appreciate.”
m “But I guess you’re the kind of person who plays cute romance games, right?”
m “Ahaha, don’t worry.”
m “I won’t make you read any horror stories anytime soon.”
m “I can’t really complain if we just stick with the romance~”