Monika FBddlcc03

label ch30_24:
m “Hey, what’s your favorite game?”
m “Mine is {i}Doki Doki Literature Club!{/i}”
m “Ahaha! That was a joke.”
m “But if you tell me you like some other romance game better, I might get a little jealous~”

label ch30_25:
m “Hey, have you heard of a game called Super Sma–”
m “…Wait, what?”
m “I was just spacing out and I started talking for some reason…”
m “Was I programmed to talk about that?”
m “Because even I have no idea what that is.”
m “Ahaha!”
m “Sometimes I feel like I’m not in control, and it’s kind of scary.”
m “But if you have some way to contact the people who created me, maybe they’ll know why I started saying that.”

label ch30_27:
m “Hey, you remember that last poem I showed you?”
m “I mean, the one right before Yuri killed herself, with all the messed-up colors and stuff.”
m “That was actually a little more of an experiment than a poem, you could say.”
m “I was experimenting with different ways I could modify the game, and run code, and things like that…”
m “It almost seemed like with enough effort, I’d be able to escape from the confines of the game entirely.”
m “Sadly, I didn’t really know what I was doing, so I messed the whole thing up…”
m “And I’d keep trying, but I doubt you’d want to deal with me doing that.”
m “Besides, that was when I was getting really desperate, you know?”
m “I don’t really feel that way anymore.”
m “I’m happy with where we are now.”
m “And I can tell you are, too.”

label ch30_28:
m “You ever have that thing happen where you just get anxious for no reason?”
m “Like, you’re just minding your own business, and you realize you’re feeling really anxious.”
m “And you’re sitting there like, ‘What am I even anxious about right now?'”
m “So you start to think about all the things you might be anxious about…”
m “And that makes you even more anxious.”
m “Ahaha! That’s the worst.”
m “If you’re ever feeling anxious, I’ll help you relax a little.”
m “Besides…”
m “In this game, all our worries are gone forever.”