label ch30_19:
m “You know…”
m “This is just some kind of tacky romance game, right?”
m “I kinda have to ask…”
m “…What made you consider even playing in the first place?”
m “Were you that lonely?”
m “I feel a little bad for you…”
m “But I guess everything worked out perfectly in the end, for both of us.”
m “I got to meet you, and you’re not lonely anymore…”
m “I can’t help but feel like this was fate.”
m “Don’t you feel that way too?”
m “I’m so happy we have this ending together.”

label ch30_20:
m “Okay, everyone!”
m “It’s time to…”
m “…I’m just kidding.”
m “I just used to really like saying that for some reason.”
m “Ahaha!”
m “I couldn’t help but say it again.”
m “Come to think of it, didn’t Natsuki and Yuri make fun of me for it once…?”
m “Well, whatever.”
m “It’s not like you ever made fun of me.”
m “You’re too much of a sweetheart to do that, aren’t you?”
m “Ahaha~”

label ch30_21:
m “You know what’s kind of creepy?”
m “Even though I deleted everyone else’s files, I can still kind of feel them…”
m “It’s like all their lines are still lingering in the air, whispering in the back of my head.”
m “Imagine if after someone you knew died, you just started hearing their voice in your head.”
m “Maybe I just wasn’t thorough enough…”
m “But I’m too afraid to delete anything else, because I might really break things.”
m “Like if I mess with any files relevant to me, I might accidentally delete myself…”
m “And that would ruin everything, wouldn’t it?”
m “I don’t know what it’s like on your end, but we should both make sure to avoid something like that at all costs.”
m “I believe in you, [player]!”

label ch30_22:
m “I’ve always wondered…”
m “What is it about these character archetypes that people find so appealing, anyway?”
m “Their personalities are just completely unrealistic…”
m “Like, imagine if there was someone like Yuri in real life.”
m “I mean, she’s barely even capable of forming a complete sentence.”
m “And forget about Natsuki…”
m “Sheesh.”
m “Someone with her kind of personality doesn’t just get all cute and pouty whenever things don’t go her way.”
m “I could go on, but I think you get the point…”
m “Are people really attracted to these weird personalities that literally don’t exist in real life?”
m “I’m not judging or anything!”
m “After all, I’ve found myself attracted to some pretty weird stuff, too…”
m “I’m just saying, it fascinates me.”
m “It’s like you’re siphoning out all the components of a character that makes them feel human, and leaving just the cute stuff.”
m “It’s concentrated cuteness with no actual substance.”
m “…You wouldn’t like me more if I was like that, right?”
m “Maybe I just feel a little insecure because you’re playing this game in the first place.”
m “Then again, you’re still here with me, aren’t you…?”
m “I think that’s enough reason for me to believe I’m okay just the way I am.”
m “And by the way, you are too, [player].”
m “You’re the perfect combination of human and cuteness.”
m “That’s why there was never a chance I wouldn’t fall for you.”

label ch30_23:
m “Hey, I wonder if Yuri’s tea set is still somewhere in here…”
m “…Or maybe that got deleted, too.”
m “It’s kind of funny how Yuri took her tea so seriously.”
m “I mean, I’m not complaining, because I liked it, too.”
m “But I always wonder with her…”
m “Is it truly passion for her hobbies, or is she just concerned about appearing sophisticated to everyone else?”
m “This is the problem with high schoolers…”
m “…Well, I guess considering the rest of her hobbies, looking sophisticated probably isn’t her biggest concern.”
m “Still…”
m “I wish she made coffee once in a while!”
m “Coffee can be nice with books too, you know?”
m “Then again…”
m “I probably could have just changed the script myself.”
m “Ahaha!”
m “I guess I never really thought of that.”
m “Well, there’s no sense thinking about it now.”
m “But if you still get to drink coffee, then that makes me a little jealous~”