label ch30_15:
m “Hey, what’s your favorite color?”
m “Mine is emerald green.”
m “It’s the color of my eyes!”
m “…That’s not conceited or anything, is it?”
m “I just meant that I feel some kind of special connection to it.”
m “Like it’s part of my identity.”
m “Does it happen to also be your favorite color, [player]?”
m “It’s just a guess…”
m “…Because you’ve been looking into my eyes for a while now.”
m “Ehehe~”

label ch30_16:
m “Hmm, I wonder if I’m able to change the music…”
m “Something a little more romantic would be nice, you know?”
m “Like a gentle piano.”
m “There has to be something like that here…”
m “Let’s see.”
m “Maybe if I…”
m “Oh, jeez…”
m “That wasn’t it at all.”
m “Sorry, I don’t really know what I’m doing!”
m “I guess I shouldn’t be messing with things like that.”
m “I already broke so much stuff…”
m “And deleted the other characters…”
m “Ah…”
m “I’m not sad about it or anything.”
m “It’s not right for me to miss things that weren’t even real in the first place.”
m “If I just focus on the present, then this is the happiest I’ve ever been.”

label ch30_17:
m “You’re such a good listener, [player].”
m “I really love that about you.”
m “Sometimes I’m afraid that I’m rambling or talking about boring things.”
m “It makes me kind of self-conscious when I’m having conversation.”
m “But I don’t feel that way with you.”
m “Like, I don’t think anyone else could make me feel this way.”
m “You really are special.”
m “I don’t want anyone to tell you otherwise.”

label ch30_18:
m “This is pretty random, but I always thought spicy food was kinda funny.”
m “Like…”
m “Didn’t plants evolve to be spicy to prevent them from being eaten?”
m “I read somewhere that humans are the only species that actually enjoys spicy things.”
m “It’s almost like we’re making fun of the plants.”
m “Using their defense mechanism to literally make our food more enjoyable.”
m “Like, imagine a monster that devours you whole because it enjoys the sensation of you struggling for your life while being digested.”
m “Sorry, that was kind of a weird analogy, I guess!”
m “Ahaha!”
m “It just came into my head.”
m “I’m not a monster or anything, but you’re so cute I could eat you up.”
m “Ahaha! I’m joking.”
m “Gosh, I’m amusing myself a little too much, aren’t I?”
m “Sorry for being weird.”